Episode #6 The reality of adolescent education in Syria

with Masa Almufti

This podcast episode is in Arabic

The podcast “Syria: Alternative Dialogues” resumes its episodes featuring researcher and activist Massa Al-Mufti, who discusses the reality of education for adolescents in Syria. This topic was covered in the research titled “Hope Under Siege: Voices of Adolescents on Education and ICT During the Syrian Conflict,” conducted by the Syrian Center for Policy Research in collaboration with the British Council and the Hamzat Wasel.

During the podcast, Al-Mufti examines the shortcomings of the educational system in the context of the armed conflict, highlighting the lack of pedagogy and the focus only on education in emergency. She also provides an evaluation of the research methodology, which emphasizes participation, innovation, and gender sensitivity. Furthermore, Al-Mufti analyzes the challenges faced by the researchers and the ethical considerations observed throughout the research process.

In conclusion, Al-Mufti discusses alternative approaches and options that can be pursued, emphasizing the crucial role of teachers and the opportunities presented by virtual and digital education. She shares her personal experience with the Sonbola Association for Refugee Education in Lebanon.

Massa Al-Mufti: A political and feminist activist, researcher specializing in the field of education, she is the founder and director of the Sonbola Association, which deals with refugee education in Lebanon, and currently works as an education specialist at Plan International.

The link to “Hope under siege research” (Arabic Version):


The link to “Hope under siege research” (English Version):

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