Episode #5 Feminist Knowledge Production in Syria PT.2

With Dr. Maya Al-Rahbi, Part two

This podcast episode is in Arabic

In the second part of the discussion with Dr. Maya Al-Rahbi, we talked about the political feminist movement in Syria and the challenges it confronts. She sheds light on the circumstances surrounding the establishment of the Syrian political feminist movement and its interactions with international and local political forces, donors, supporters, organisations, and countries, as well as the movement’s advocates and opponents. Furthermore, Dr. Al-Rahbi offers an evaluation of the status of women in Syria, the internal dynamics within the movement, and underscores the significance of knowledge production in feminist activism as a fundamental component of the democratic transformation process.

Dr. Maya Al-Rahbi is the Founder and Director of MUSAWA  Foundation for Women’s Studies, as well as the Director of Al-Rahbi Publishing House. She is a specialised medical professional and a political activist who defends women’s rights. Dr. Al-Rahbi has actively participated in reviving civil society committees . She has conducted extensive research on women’s issues, publishing numerous books and scientific articles, and has delivered lectures at various universities, conferences, and associations. Additionally, Dr. Al-Rahbi is an accomplished writer with several published novels and collections of short stories. She is fluent in Arabic, English, German, and French.

Musawa: Center for Women’s Studies website: www.musawasyr.org

Episode Producers

Houda F Jawadi, Klaudia Wieser.

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