Episode #7_The reality of transitional justice in Syria

With Dr. Maria Al-Abdah

This podcast episode is in Arabic

In this episode, Rabie Nasser engages in a discussion with Dr. Maria al-Abdah, a researcher and director of Women Now for Development, on the topic of transitional justice in Syria. They explore the discourses surrounding transitional justice and the challenges and feasibility associated with them. They also delve into the various actors who can contribute to achieving comprehensive transitional justice, ensuring accountability and democracy.

Towards the end of the episode, Dr. Maria al-Abdah sheds light on the development and knowledge production sector within the Women for Development Organization.

Dr. Maria al-Abdah is an activist and researcher specializing in human and women’s rights. She serves as the director of Women Now for Development, the largest women’s organization operating in Syria and neighboring countries. The organization focuses on various areas, including protection, empowerment, participation, and advocacy, while also actively producing feminist knowledge within the context of the Syrian conflict.

Rabie Nasser: Economist, researcher and co-founder of the Syrian Center for Policy Research (SCPR).

Episode Producers

Houda F Jawadi, Klaudia Wieser.


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