A Partnership Launched: “Syrian Center for Policy Research” Collaborates with “Security in Context”

Vienna, Austria – April 2024:
A new initiative has been launched to establish collaboration between the Syrian Center for Policy Research (SCPR) in Vienna and Security in Context (SiC).

This collaboration aims to advance the visions of SiC and SCPR through a joint research initiative entitled “New Paradigms for Measuring (In)Security”. This collaboration aims to  jointly develop a new conceptual, methodological, and empirical framework for measuring (in)security. Additionally, pilot surveys will be conducted to test the validity of the new framework. Subsequently, the first phase will pave the way for a research initiative that significantly expands the scope of work into a regular bi-annual report.

*The Security in Context (SiC) is an international research initiative on peace, conflict, and international affairs. Their vision is a world in which security is defined not by militarism and fear, but by human well-being, global solidarity, and a livable planet. SiC’s team of international scholars foregrounds the needs of societies over states to demonstrate why rethinking military and security policy is key to addressing the world’s most pressing problems, including global inequalities and environmental injustice.

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