Collaboration between “Ettijahat” and “SCPR” to explore the impact of the 2023 Earthquake on tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Syria

Ettijahat” organization and the “Syrian Center for Policy Research” have signed a new cooperation agreement to implement the study “Mapping the Aftershock”, under a project “DOUROUB: Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage” that aims to empower and promote intangible cultural Heritage today and for future generations, initiated by Ettijahat.

The project aims to explore the impact of the earthquake on tangible and intangible cultural heritage within the conflict context, in addition to mapping the interventions and diagnosing the community interactions with the disaster and interventions. This study will be a pilot study with cases to draw lessons and an agenda for future research and interventions.

The project’s objectives include assessing the earthquake’s impact on tangible and intangible cultural heritage, mapping relevant stakeholders and interventions in addressing this impact, reviewing the role of cultural heritage in mitigating the earthquake’s negative effects, and identifying socio-economic solidaristic activities and their role in preserving cultural heritage.

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