Webinar: launching event of the research “Hope Under Siege” Voices of adolescents on education and ICT during the Syrian Conflict

The webinar will be held in Arabic and English 

 Online via Zoom 

Friday 14th of October, 2022 
5:00 to 7:00 pm Damascus time

The research team will present the research methodology and principal findings. A commentary and Q&A session with participants will follow.

Watch the event live streaming here: 

The “Hope under Siege” research aims at assessing each of the challenges that adolescents in Syria encounter in relation to education and ICT. The research assessed the realisation of adolescent girls’ and boys’ rights, and analysed key aspects of gender-based inequalities and abuses. It used qualitative methods to assess the immediate, underlying and structural causes of any lack and/or violations of girls’ and boys’ rights in the armed conflict context.

 To read the full report please visit the research page here

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