A Critical Reading of the Syrian Government’s Report “The Second Voluntary National Review on the Sustainable Development Goals 2023”

Detachment from Reality and Ignoring the Conflict Foundations The UN Member States adopted the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and…

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Monthly Bulletin for Consumer Price Index and Inflation in Syria Issue (1) – January 2023

Syrian Center for Policy Research: The bulletin provides an independent assessment of consumer prices and the rate of inflation in…

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Knowledge Production in Public Health Amid Conflict

with Dr. Samer Jabbour This podcast episode is in Arabic As intractable conflicts continue in the region such as  Syria,…

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Settler Colonialism in Palestine: Structures of Violence and Injustice

The Syrian Center for Policy Research: Israeli settler colonialism and military occupation established the foundations of intractable conflicts in the…

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Devastation of the Right to Health during the Syrian Conflict

The intractable armed conflict has fragmented the geography of Syria between several local, regional, and international actors. This fragmentation resulted…

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#8. Syria; Alternative Dialogues: The Aftermath of the February 6th Earthquake

With Researcher Ayman Aldassouky This podcast episode is in Arabic After a break, the podcast Syria; Alternative Dialogues returns in…

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