Know War

New training program on applied Social science research methods.

Syrian Center for Policy Research launched a new training program on applied Social science research methods. The training program aims to equip young Syrian, Lebanese, and Palestinian researchers with critical reading, research, and writing skills that will empower them to be active citizens, advocates, and researcher. Throughout the training program, participants will be introduced to critical social science analysis and policy-oriented research, emphasizing the war in Syria and its regional repercussions, critical research methodologies, qualitative and quantitative research methods, ethics of research, and other professionalization and technical skills which will enable them to pursue applied research individually or with research teams.

The Training Program is using three main aspects:

1) Substantive/thematic sessions,

2) Professionalization & technical training

3) Mentorship and research development.

The main goals of the training program:

  • Introducing participants to social science theory and methods.
  • Overview of economic development theory and practice.
  • Learn how to evaluate and respond to social science research critically.
  • Understand in-depth the modern economic history of the Middle East.
  • Overview of some quantitative and qualitative methods used in the social sciences research.
  • Collaborate with peers and exchange views.
  • Incorporate learnings from training sessions into a research project.
  • Present research and receive feedback

Students will then be expected to conceive, plan, and carry out their own research project in the discussion and supervision of mentors.

This training program is part of a project titled “Knowledge Production in Times of Flight and War,” funded by the Austrian Development Agency.

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