ieTalks: Multipolarity and the new South-South Relations

Thursday, November 24th , 2022

5.00 – 7.00 pm CET Time 

Location: Sensengasse 3, Seminar Room SG 1, 1090 Wien

The event will take a hybrid Format participants can join a Zoom using this link:

The past three decades has witnessed the rise of the “new South-South relations” which includes increasing and overlapping economic-financial, political-diplomatic, security-military ties between developing countries. In the post WW era, South-South relations were considered a positive alternative to North-South unequal relations. This panel will explore the ambiguous impact of these ties from the perspective of human development and social justice in the global South.

Lecture by 

  • Fırat Demir (University of Oklahoma) 
  • Omar S. Dahi  (Hampshire College, University of Massachusetts Amherst)


  • Petra Dannecker (Professorship in Development Sociology. Department of Development Studies University of Vienna) 
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