Critical reading of the Syrian national statistics

On the 26 of November 2018 the Syrian Center for Policy Research(SCPR) hosted a dialogue workshop titles” Critical reading of the Syrian national statistics”

This workshop brought together Syrian and international experts with the aims to shed light on the importance of the national statistics in presenting the development realties. During the workshop the participants had the chance to analyze the statistics groups that has been issued by the Central Bureau of Statistics in Syria for the first time since the conflict started, the mechanisms and  methodology that were used, the data coverage of the Syrian governorates and how many sectors are included in these data, in addition the participants discussed the quality of these data and how much it can be used for professional research work.

The sessions of the workshop were:

  • Presentation and in-depth analysis of the data of  the statistical groups according to different sectors such as.
    • The demographic statistics and labor force.
    • The economic Statistics
    • The industrial sector.
    • The agricultural sector.
    • Trading sector
    • Health and education sectors.
    • National and financial accounts
  • What is the usability of this data? what advantages exist and can be used?
  • The problems and credibility of the data in order to raise awareness among development field practitioners.
  • What are the alternatives to complete the analysis, whether at geographical or thematic level.
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