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Sector structure of estimated total GDP loss 2011-2015

The main sectors contributing to accumulating GDP loss: internal trade, which lost SYP 967 billion and accounted for 23.2 per cent of the total GDP loss; the government services sector lost SYP 660 billion and accounted for 15.9 per cent of total GDP loss; the mining sector lost SYP 630 billion, making up 15.2 per cent of total GDP loss; transportation and communication lost SYP 585 billion, accounting for 14.1 per cent, agriculture lost SYP 483 billion, accounted for 11.6 per cent and the finance and real  estate sector lost SYP 236 billion, or 5.7 per cent of total GDP loss . The structure of GDP loss during 2015 did not change significantly from the pattern established in previous years.

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