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At SCPR, we contribute to the enhancement of policy-oriented research, social dialogue, accountable and transparent policy making, and the capacity building of policy institutions in order to promote sustainable inclusive development.

Roots & impact of the Syrian Crisis

The project has two main phases, the first one aims to analyze the development roots of the current crisis in Syria from economic, social, and institutional perspectives. This phase is conducted based on comprehensive and thorough analysis of the public policy during the pre-crisis period. The second phase intends to study the ...

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Population Status & Analysis

This project aims to firstly diagnose pre-crisis population status and its main challenges, using a comprehensive developmental framework including economic, social and institutional aspects. Secondly, the project develops different tools to assess the current Syrian crisis impacts and dynamics on human being status; this includes the study of demographic, economic, ...

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Alternative Development Policies

The main goal of Alternative Policies project is to provide a contribution to develop an alternative developmental paradigm that fulfills the Syrian society aspirations and expectations and overcomes the main challenges facing Syria. The project aims to develop developmental paths that can overcome the impacts of the current crisis and ...

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